Atlantic Coast Camellia Society

Show Results Tallahassee, FL - January 11, 2014

Edna Bass
C. reticulata 'Marilyn Maphis'

The Doyle Conner Administrative Building
3125 Conner Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida

Show Chairman - Randolph Maphis
1115 Blooms Exhibited
300 Attendees
45 Exhibitors


Gold Certificate (unprotected): 82 Blue Ribbons, Chuck & Bev Ritter
Silver Certificate (unprotected) 42 Blue Ribbons, Fred & Sandra Jones

Gold Certificate (protected): 73 Blue Ribbons, Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
Silver Certificate (protected): 45 Blue Ribbons, Howard & Mary Rhodes


Best Bloom in Show unprotected: 'Dr. Dan Nathan Supreme', Gene & Sandra Seago

Best Bloom in Show protected: 'Marilyn Maphis', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis

C. japonica unprotected:
VLg: 'Lauren Tudor', Gene & Sandra Seago
Lg: 'Terry Gilley Var.', Chuck & Bev Ritter
Md: 'Black Magic', Chuck & Bev Ritter
Sm: 'Red Hots', Fred & Sandra Jones

C. japonica protected:
VLg: 'Edna Bass', Steve & Gayle Lawrence
Lg: 'Tomorrow White', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
Md: 'Ville de Nantes', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
Sm: 'Tudor Baby Var.', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) unprotected:
VLg: 'Ray Gentry Var.', Chuck & Bev Ritter
Lg: 'Tango Var.', Howard & Mary Rhodes
Md: 'TitleTown USA', Fred & Sandra Jones

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) protected:
VLg: 'Frank Houser Var.', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
Lg: 'Lady Pamela', Jerry & Carol Selph
Md: 'Lady Ruth Ritter', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Phil Piet Pink', Chuck & Bev Ritter
Md: 'Julia', Charles & Donna Nichols
Sm: 'Spring Daze', Chuck & Bev Ritter

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) protected:
Lg/VLg: 'Cile Mitchell', John Newsome
Md: 'Kagirohi', Howard & Mary Rhodes
Sm: 'Freedom Bell', John Newsome

Best Miniature unprotected: 'Sweet Jane', William & Linda Nichols

Best Miniature protected: 'Sweet Jane', Steve & Gayle Lawrence

Best White Bloom unprotected: 'Lucy Stewart', Gene & Sandra Seago

Best White Bloom protected: 'Melissa Anne', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis


Tray of Three-same variety unprotected: 'Something Beautiful', Alex & Jane Hinson

Tray of Three-same variety protected: 'Frank Houser', Howard & Mary Rhodes

Tray of Five-different varieties unprotected: 'un-named', Chuck & Bev Ritter

Tray of Five-different varieties protected: 'Georgia National Fair, Pete Galli, Forty Niner, Margaret Davis, Nuccio's Jewel', Howard & Mary Rhodes

Best Seedling or Sport Bloom, protected or unprotected: 'Sang Jee', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis


1 'Show Time', Chuck & Bev Ritter
2 'Frank Houser Var.', Stewart Tomlinson
3 'Elegans Supreme', Jerry & Carol Selph
4 'Elaine's Betty', Stewart Tomlinson
5 'Tom Perkins Var.', Chuck & Bev Ritter
6 'Little Babe Var.', Fred & Sandra Jones

1 'Frank Houser', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
2 'Paul Haskee', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
3 'Elegans Champagne', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
4 'Valentine Day Var.', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
5 'Betty Sheffield Supreme', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
6 'Julie Var.', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis


Best Novice Bloom:
BB: 'Donckelarii', Ann Lumsden
RU: 'Bob Hope', M. Burch/J. Bailey


Best Hulyn Smith or Cultivar Originated by Hulyn Smith 'Ray Gentry Var.', Jerry & Carol Selph

Best Kay Berridge protected or unprotected 'Kay Berridge', Chuck & Bev Ritter