Gulf Coast Camellia Society

Show Results Huntsville, TX- February 25, 2017

Dixie Knight Supreme.
C. japonica 'Dixie Knight Supreme'

Texas Camellia Show - Coushatta Camellia Society
February 25, 2017
Katy and E. Don Walker, Sr. Education Center
1400 19th Street
Huntstville, Texas

Show Chairmen - Don Marcotte & Randy McDaniel
229 Blooms Exhibited
60 Attendees
36 Exhibitors


Gold Certificate (unprotected): Tommy Weeks

Gold Certificate (protected): Hal Vanis


C. japonica unprotected:
Lg: 'Rosa Superba', Dudley Boudreaux
RU: 'Royal Velvet', Randy McDaniel
Md/Lg: 'Ace O' Hearts', George Shackelfort
RU: 'China Doll', Tommy Weeks
Md: 'Tochi Domoto', Don Marcotte
RU: 'Nuccio's Cameo', Jenny Marcotte
Sm: 'Red Devil', Tommy Weeks
RU: 'Tudor Baby Var.', Dick Eidem
Mn: 'Men's Mini', Tommy Weeks
RU: 'Men's Mini Var.', Tommy Weeks

C. japonica protected:
Lg-VLg/VLg: 'Stephanie Stanley', Hal Vanis
RU: 'Sound of Music', Hal Vanis
Lg: 'Royal Velvet Var.', Hal Vanis
RU: 'John Rumbach', Hal Vanis
Md/Lg: 'Happy Birthday', Hal Vanis
Md:: 'Black Magic', Hal Vanis
RU: 'Ville de Nantes', Hal Vanis
Sm 'Buddy Var.', Hal Vanis
RU: 'Tudor Baby Var.', Hal Vanis

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Dr. Clifford Parks', Dudley Boudreaux
RU: 'Frank Houser', Dudley Boudreaux

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) unprotected:
Mn/Md-Lg 'Wynne Rayner', Tommy Weeks
RU: 'Lavender Prince II', Tommy Weeks

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) protected:
Mn/Md-Lg 'Julia', Hal Vanis
RU: 'Nicky Crisp', Hal Vanis

Best Seedling: 'Dr. Tipton', Tommy Weeks

Best Sport Bloom: 'Sport of Lady Laura', Dudley Boudreaux


Tray of Three-same variety, any species, unprotected:
BB: 'Spring Daze', Tommy Weeks
RU: 'Leucantha', Tommy Weeks


C. japonica:
Lg/VLg: 'Christmas Beauty', George Wei
Md/Md-Lg: 'Brother Rose', Gynda Malleski

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent):
Mn/Md-Lg 'Punkin', Earlene Sand