Atlantic Coast Camellia Society

Show Results Dothan, AL - February 11, 2017

Paul Haskee
C. japonica 'Paul Haskee'

Southeast Alabama Camellia Society
February 11, 2017
First United Methodist Church-Family Life Center
1380 West Main Street
Dothan, Alabama

Show Chairman - Linda Nichols
850 Blooms Exhibited


Gold Certificate (unprotected): 81 Blue Ribbons, Bill & Linda Nichols
Silver Certificate (unprotected): 44 Blue Ribbons, Charles & Donna Nichols

Gold Certificate (protected): 63 Blue Ribbons, Howard & Mary Rhodes
Silver Certificate (protected): 25 Blue Ribbons, Randolph & Marilyn Maphis


Best Bloom in Show unprotected - Harry C. Howell, Jr. Award: 'Valentine Day', Charles & Donna Nichols

Best Bloom in Show protected: 'Dora Lee', Howard & Mary Rhodes

C. japonica unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Elegans Supreme', Charles & Donna Nichols
Md: 'Elaine's Betty', Charles & Donna Nichols
Sm: 'Whoopee Red', Ron & Elizabeth Wolfe

C. japonica protected:
Lg/VLg: 'Clark Hubbs Var.', Howard & Mary Rhodes
Md: 'Elaine's Betty', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
Sm: 'Red Hots', Howard & Mary Rhodes

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Frank Houser Var.', Tom & Cindy Warriner
Sm/Md: 'Black Lace Peony Var.', Richard Hooton

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) protected:
Lg/VLg: 'Anne Hightower', Howard & Mary Rhodes
Sm/Md: 'Mary O'Donnell', Howard & Mary Rhodes

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Jubilation', Bill & Linda Nichols
Sm/Md: 'Spring Daze', Bill & Linda Nichols

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) protected:
Lg/VLg: 'Tom Perkins', Howard & Mary Rhodes
Sm/Md: 'First Blush', Howard & Mary Rhodes

Best Miniature unprotected: 'Fircone Var.', Charles & Donna Nichols

Best Miniature protected: 'Fircone Var.', Howard & Mary Rhodes

Best White Bloom unprotected: 'Mary Alice Cox', Charles & Donna Nichols

Best White Bloom protected: 'Ivory Tower', Howard & Mary Rhodes


Tray of Three-same variety unprotected: 'Elaine's Betty Red', Stewart Tomlinson

Tray of Three-same variety protected: 'Raspberry Flambe', Howard & Mary Rhodes

Best Seedling or Sport (Mutant): 'Seedling or Sport', Bill & Linda Nichols

Best Novice Bloom: 'Donckelarii', Avalon United Methodist Church

Best Local Bloom: 'Betty Sheffield Supreme', Rosa Thomas


1 'Fircone', Bill & Linda Nichols
2 'Night Rider', Bill & Linda Nichols
3 'Ailsa James', Bill & Linda Nichols
4 'Lois Boudreaux', Richard Hooton
5 'Jackie D.', No Name on Card
6 'Ray Gentry Var.', Bill & Linda Nichols
7 'Man Size', Bill & Linda Nichols
8 'Elaine's Betty Red', Stewart Tomlinson
9 'Georgia National Fair', Charles & Donna Nichols
10 'Mrs. D. W. Davis Special', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
11 'Dixie Knight Supreme', Jim Smelley
12 'Patricia Haskee', Howard & Mary Rhodes

OTHER - Special Awards

W. P. Gilley Memorial Award: 'Black Gold', Bill & Linda Nichols

Best Kay Berridge: 'Kay Berridge', Bill & Linda Nichols