Gulf Coast Camellia Society

Show Results Conroe, TX- February 24, 2018

Curtain Call
C. reticulata 'Curtain Call'

Texas Camellia Show - Coushatta Camellia Society
February 24, 2018
First Christian Church. Fellowship Hall
3500 North Loop 336 West
Conroe, Texas

Show Chairmen - Frank Ohrt & Don Marcotte
598 Blooms Exhibited
247 Attendees
23 Exhibitors


Gold Certificate (unprotected): 81 Blue Ribbons, Tommy Weeks
Silver Certificate (unprotected): 22 Blue Ribbons, Richard Eidem

Gold Certificate (protected): 40 Blue Ribbons, Hal Vanis
Silver Certificate (protected): 2 Blue Ribbons, Edward Estrada


C. japonica unprotected:
Lg-VLg/VLg: 'Henry E. Huntington', Tommy Weeks
RU: 'R. L. Wheeler', Richard Eidem
Lg: 'Kirsti Leigh', Don & Jenny Marcotte
RU: 'Al Ewan', Tommy Weeks
Md/Lg: 'Grand Marshal Var.', Tommy Weeks
RU: 'Herme', George Shackleford
Md: 'Black Magic', Richard Eidem
RU: 'Elaine's Betty', Richard Eidem
Sm: 'Tudor Baby Var.', Eva Hoover
RU: 'Black Gold', Don & Jenny Marcotte
Mn: 'Fircone Var.', Eva Hoover
RU: 'Lilemac', Tommy Weeks

C. japonica protected:
Lg-VLg/VLg: 'Louise Fitzgerald', Hal Vanis
RU: 'Lucy Stewart', Hal Vanis
Lg: 'Royal Velvet', Hal Vanis
RU: 'Kirsti Leigh', Hal Vanis
Md/Lg: 'Miss Charleston Var.', Hal Vanis
RU: 'Ville de Nantes', Hal Vanis
Md: 'Magic City', Hal Vanis
Sm 'Happy Times', Hal Vanis
RU: 'Dahlohnega', Hal Vanis

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Frank Houser', Tommy Weeks
Mn/Md-Lg: 'Black Lace', Tommy Weeks

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) unprotected:
Mn/Md-Lg: 'Cile Mitchell', Don & Jenny Marcotte
RU: 'Betty Ridley', Richard Eidem

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) protected:
Lg/VLg: 'Taylor's Perfection', Edward Estrada
Mn/Md-Lg: 'Charlean Var.', Hal Vanis

Best Seedling: 'Grant Campbell', Tommy Weeks

Best Sport Bloom: 'Herme Sport', Edward Estrada


Best Tray of Three-same variety, any species, unprotected: 'Frank Houser', Tommy Weeks

NOVICE - For Exhibitors with twenty-five or less Cultivars

C. japonica:
Lg/VLg: 'Royal Velvet', Ann Evans
RU: 'R. L. Wheeler Var.', Ann Evans
Md/Md-Lg: 'Professor Charles S. Sargent', Dee Dee
RU: 'Betty Sheffield', Dee Dee
Mn/Sm 'Grace Albritton', Dee Dee
RU: 'Man Size', Dee Dee

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent):
Lg/VLg: 'Cile Mitchell', Liz Dennis

Best Tray of Three - same variety, any species: 'Mary Elizabeth Dowden', Shirley Fontenot