Atlantic Coast Camellia Society

Gulf Coast Region

Tama Beauty
C. japonica 'Tama Beauty'

Scoring Algorithm

1st Place Sweepstakes - 10 Points
2nd Place Sweepstakes - 5 Points

Best Bloom in Show - 10 Points
Runner-Up Best Bloom in Show - 5 Points

Major Categories & Trays

Best Bloom - 5 Points
Runner-Up or Court of Honor (if only two prizes are awarded) - 3 Points
Court of Honor - 1 Point

The following scores have been compiled from the ACS Cooperative Shows
in the GCCS Region for the 2017 - 2018 season.

7 GCCS Cooperative Shows & 12 ACCS Cooperative Shows

Current through January 31, 2018

Leading Camellia Exhibitors by Individual Point Count

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Gulf Coast Region - Outside Growers

Rank Exhibitor Points
1Roger Vinson128
2Richard & Bette Hooton94
3Hunter Charbonnet90
4Tommy Weeks86
5John Grimm68
6Al & Vickie Baugh55
7William & Linda Nichols50
8Skip Vogelsang43
9John Davy36
10Webb Hart16
11Gordon Rabalais13
12Eddie Martin11
13Dudley Boudreaux10
14Steve Manis9
15Dick Eidem8
15 Paul Huerkamp8
17Jim Campbell6
18Arthur Hoover5
18 Bill & Vera Curry5
18 Eva Hoover5
18 Forrest Latta5
18 George Huddle5
18 Laura Barnard5
18 Sabrina Audibert5
18 Vaughn Drinkard5
26Bill McCarnnor3
26 Carl Moran3
26 Delores Rodriguez3
26 Don Marcotte3
26 Michael Hollis3
26 Paul Bruno3
32Ronald Driskell1

Gulf Coast Region - Greenhouse Growers

Rank Exhibitor Points
1Jim Smelley153
2Hal Vanis97
3Walter & Alice Creighton8