Atlantic Coast Camellia Society

Show Results Norfolk, VA - November 4, 2107

Bev Piet's Smile
C. japonica 'Bev Piet's Smile'

Virginia Camellia Society
November 4, 2017
Baker Hall
Norfolk Botanical Garden
6700 Azalea Garden Road
Norfolk, Virginia

Show Chairman - Larry Barlow
273 Blooms Exhibited
450 Attendees
25 Exhibitors


Gold Certificate (unprotected): 38 Blue Ribbons, Marty & Diane Clark
Silver Certificate (unprotected): 21 Blue Ribbons, Richard & Betty Gail Buggeln


C. japonica unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Carter's Sunburst Pink', Marty & Diane Clark
RU: 'Wendy', Richard & Betty Gail Buggeln
Md: 'Elaine's Betty', Marty & Diane Clark
RU: 'Dick Hardison', Richard & Betty Gail Buggeln
Sm: 'Something Beautiful', Marty & Diane Clark
RU: 'Grape Soda', Marty & Diane Clark

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) unprotected:
BB: 'Dr. Clifford Parks', Richard & Betty Gail Buggeln

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) unprotected:
BB: 'Cile Mitchell', Dale Shelley
RU: 'Raspberry Flambe', Marty & Diane Clark

Miniature unprotected:
BB: 'Shikibu', Marty & Diane Clark
RU: 'Fircone Var.', Richard & Betty Gail Buggeln

Best Sasanqua (and related species):
Lg/VLg: 'Alabama Beauty', Fred & Toni McKenna
Md: 'Pixie Dust', Mike Andruczyk
RU: 'William Lanier Hunt', Joe Davis
Sm: 'Kanjiro', Larry Barlow
RU: 'Paradise Blush', Mike Andruczyk

Best Novice Bloom: 'Maiden's Blish', Stephanie McSweeny


Tray of Three-same variety unprotected - Japonica, NRH or Sasanqua: 'Autumn Spirit', Fred & Toni McKenna

Tray of Five-different varieties unprotected - Japonica, NRH or Sasanqua: 'October Affair; Out Linda; Yuletide: Junie Lancaster; Kanjiro', Larry Barlow

Best Seedling/Sport Bloom: '# 11', Marty & Diane Clark

Best White Bloom unprotected: 'Charlie Bettes', Marty & Diane Clark


Best Antique Bloom (Pre 1900): 'Dryade', Richard & Betty Gail Buggeln

Best Virginia Origin Bloom - Carol Lee Sutherland Award: 'Autumn Delight', Sandy Godwin