Atlantic Coast Camellia Society

Atlantic Coast Region

Tama Beauty
C. japonica 'Tama Beauty'

Scoring Algorithm

1st Place Sweepstakes - 10 Points
2nd Place Sweepstakes - 5 Points

Best Bloom in Show - 10 Points
Runner-Up Best Bloom in Show - 5 Points

Major Categories & Trays

Best Bloom - 5 Points
Runner-Up or Court of Honor (if only two prizes are awarded) - 3 Points
Court of Honor - 1 Point

The following scores have been compiled from the ACS Cooperative Shows
in the ACCS Region for the 2018 - 2019 season.

6 ACCS Cooperative Shows & 0 GCCS Cooperative Shows

Current through November 10, 2018

Leading Camellia Exhibitors by Individual Point Count

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Atlantic Coast Region - Outside Growers

Rank Exhibitor Points
1Chuck & Bev Ritter172
2Fred & Sandra Jones76
3Marty & Diane Clark37
4Jay & Debbie Ellis31
5J. D. Thomerson27
6Paul & Corinthia Greenway26
7Robert & Norma Wang24
7Geary & Bonnie Serpas24
9Richard & Ginny Mohr18
10Yoshiko Doherty17
11Fred & Toni McKenna15
12Lenka Lundsten14
13Dick & Bette Hooton13
13Alex & Jane Hinson13
13Mark Crawford13
16David & Anna Sheets12
17John & Dinh Swanson11
18James Stutts8
18Iris Shealy8
18Joe Davis8
18Mike Andruczky8
22Carlton Maryott7
23Maria Stephenson5
23Dale Shelley5
23Tommy & Wendy Martin5
23Pat Laane5
23Katherine Graham5
23Jim & Carolyn Dickson5
23Larry Barlow5
30Tommy & Wendi Martin3
31Kitty Ackerman1

Atlantic Coast Region - Greenhouse Growers

Rank Exhibitor Points
1Jerry & Carol Selph371
2Howard & Mary Rhodes44
3Tommy & Brenda Alden39
4Steve & Gayle Lawrence31
5Buck & Tyler Mizzell27
6Mack & Ann McKinnon1