Atlantic Coast Camellia Society

Show Results Tallahassee, FL - January 11-12, 2020

Halls Pride Var.
C. reticulata 'Hall's Pride Var.'

Tallahassee Camellia Society
January 11-12, 2020
Doyle Conner Administrative Building
3125 Conner Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Show Chair - Rochelle Marrinan
1,747 Blooms Exhibited
350 Attendees
45 Exhibitors


Gold Certificate (unprotected): 73 Blue Ribbons, Iris Shealy
Silver Certificate (unprotected): 60 Blue Ribbons, Bill & Linda Nichols

Gold Certificate (protected): 140 Blue Ribbons, Jerry & Carol Selph
Silver Certificate (protected): 74 Blue Ribbons, Howard & Mary Rhodes


Best Bloom in Show unprotected - Sara P. Paul Award: 'Jenny Maphis', Bart Maris

Best Bloom in Show protected - L. H. Paul Award: 'Mandalay Queen', Jerry & Carol Selph

C. japonica unprotected:
VLg: 'Edna Bass Var.', Skip Vogelsang
Lg: 'Rena Swick', J. D. Thomerson
Md: 'Georgia Fire', Fred & Sandra Jones
Sm: 'Frances Council', Iris Shealy

C. japonica protected:
VLg: 'Lady in Red', Jerry & Carol Selph
Lg: 'Julius Nuccio', Jerry & Carol Selph
Md: 'Grand Marshal', Howard & Mary Rhodes
Sm: 'Red Hots', Jerry & Carol Selph

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) unprotected:
VLg: 'Ruta Hagmann', Fred & Sandra Jones
Lg: 'Valentine Day', Alex & Jane Hinson
Sm/Md: 'Adrienne Boueres', Alex & Jane Hinson

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) protected:
VLg: 'Ruta Hagmann', Jerry & Carol Selph
Lg: 'Holy Pure', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis
Sm/Md: 'Elizabeth B. Hunt', Jerry & Carol Selph

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Rose Bouquet', Fred & Sandra Jones
Md: 'Joe Nuccio', Bart Maris
Sm: 'Adorable', Alex & Jane Hinson

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) protected:
Lg/VLg: 'Mary Phoebe Taylor', Jerry & Carol Selph
Md: 'Julia', Jerry & Carol Selph
Sm: 'Adorable', Jerry & Carol Selph

Best Miniature unprotected: 'Sweet Jane', Alex & Jane Hinson

Best Miniature protected: 'Mini Pink', Jerry & Carol Selph

Best White Bloom unprotected: 'Melissa Anne', Leslie Williams

Best White Bloom protected: 'Sherrie N', Jerry & Carol Selph


Best Seedling or Sport Bloom, protected or unprotected: 'Debbie Ellis (Sport of My Diane)', Jay & Debbie Ellis


Best Tray of Three-same variety unprotected: 'Sweetie Pie', J. D. Thomerson

Best Tray of Five-different varieties unprotected: 'Ruta Hagmann, Lady Laura, Paul Haskee Var., Edna Bass Var., Black Magic', Skip Vogelsang

Best Tray of Three-same variety protected: ' Camille', Jerry & Carol Selph

Best Tray of Five-different varieties protected: 'Chief Arnold, Julius Nuccio, Dancing Blaze, Black Gold, John Rumbach', Jerry & Carol Selph


1: 'Camille', Alex & Jane Hinson
2: 'Kristen Lynn', Mark Crawford
3: 'Phil Piet', Alex & Jane Hinson
4: 'Beulah Hennly', Fred & Sandra Jones
5: 'Margaret Davis', Emily Jennings
6: 'Whoopee', Eileen Hart

1: 'Jim Smelley', Jerry & Carol Selph
2: 'Larry Piet', Jerry & Carol Selph
3: 'Adrienne Boueres', Howard & Mary Rhodes
4: 'Elaine's Betty Red Var.', Howard & Mary Rhodes
5: 'Dick Hardison', Jerry & Carol Selph
6: 'Mathotiana Supreme Var.', Randolph & Marilyn Maphis


Novice Blooms:
BB: 'Purple Swirl', Darlene Lang
RU: 'Conquistador', Joe Johnson

Best White Bloom: 'Nuccio's Gem', Karen Kimel


Best Hulyn Smith or Cultivar Originated by Hulyn Smith: 'Lady Ruth Ritter', J. D. Thomerson