Atlantic Coast Camellia Society

Dragon Fireball
C. hybrid 'Dragon Fireball'


Pops_Perfection-2755 Year Book of the Azalea and Camellia Society of America
H. C. Conner, Editor - 1933
Kute_Kate-2724 Flowerwood Nursery Catalog - 1941-1942
Mobile, Alabama
Lori_Clevenger-2754 Flowerwood Nursery Catalog - 1942-1943
Mobile, Alabama
Victoria Vanis-2774 Flowerwood Nursery Catalog - 1949-1950
Mobile, Alabama
Victoria Vanis-2774 Gerbing Camellia Nursery Catalog - 1948-1949
Fernandina, Florida - from Lou Bryant
Sporting_Class-2757 Home Gardening - January 1947
New Orleans, Louisiana
Pops_Perfection-2755 Magnolia Gardens and Nurseries Catalog - 1944-1945
Charleston, South Carolina
Meredith_Green-2727 Magnolia Gardens and Nurseries Catalog - 1945-1946
Charleston, South Carolina
Sporting_Class-2757 Magnolia Gardens and Nurseries Catalog - 1946-1947
Charleston, South Carolina
Kute_Kate-2724 McIlhenny Nursery Catalog - 1945-1946
Avery Island, Louisiana
Lori_Clevenger-2754 Orton Plantation Nursery Catalog - 1946-1947
Winnabow, North Carolina
Victoria Vanis-2774 Orton Plantation Nursery Catalog - 1951-1952
Winnabow, North Carolina
Pops_Perfection-2755 Orton Plantation Nursery Catalog - 1953-1954
Winnabow, North Carolina
Meredith_Green-2727 Portland Camellia Nursery Catalog - 1946-1947
Portland, Oregon
Sporting_Class-2757 The Pines Nursery Catalog - 1946
New Orleans, Louisiana
Kute_Kate-2724 Wight Nurseries Catalog - 1942-43
Cairo, Georgia